Registration of Medicines and Medical Devices in Serbia

Registracija lekova i medicinskih sredstava


When you decide to sell your healthcare products to Serbian market, one of essential steps is Registration of drugs and medical devices at Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia. We can help you do this efficiently and build a foundation for further business development and enabling smooth further activities. Our regulatory affairs department is responsible for both obtaining and maintaining marketing authorisations. We are striving to provide high quality services, to meet requirements of both our partners and relevant local legislation.

Activities we perform in this field are:

If you need any of services from above and demand high quality while having cost control, limited number of employees or other priorities to focus on, you can outsource them from us. We offer 1st class services, you get covered by professionals!

Products we registered can be found at the web presentation of Medicines and Medicinal Devices Agency of Serbia:

Rulebook based on current Law on Medicines and Medical Devices can be found at web presentation of ALIMS.