Representing Pharmaceutical Companies in Serbia


Representing Pharmaceutical Companies in Serbia

If you are considering selling your medicines or medical devices to Serbian pharmaceutical market, or you want to accelerate it, we are ready to inspire you to make your most challenging decisions with confidence! We will act in your best interest and develop business with authentic integrity. Representing producers of drugs and medical devices has been the core activity of Diacell, ever since the foundation of the company. We are offering solutions for entering the market to our partners, setting up the business model, registration, promotion, positioning and other post-sales activities for medicines and medical devices. Our activities are based on knowledge and experience, and generated with energy and enthusiasm of all team members. Internal imperative of our firm is continuous improvement and therefore we are dedicated to following principles of quality management system. Spectrum of specialized consultancy services for planning and managing of business in supplying healthcare system in Serbia we provide include:

Market insight consulting:

Business starting and development:

Market research, data collection and analysis are basis for every decision or action we make or propose. We develop plans with clear goals and tools to use, develop local and adapt global promotional campaigns for products and therapies. Careful planning, trainings for execution, allocation of resources precede execution of all plans and campaigns. Structured, planned and multichannel communications with potential users lead to deliveries of individualized messages and improved chances for achieving goals.